Heating equipment

Street cleaning equipment


Laundry equipment

Mechanically machined parts

Other products

Company "Astra" produces complicated machinery, assembly units and parts for range of Netherlands, France, Italy, USA, Sweden, Germany, etc. companies as following:

  • car lifts

  • car repair machines

  • streets cleaning machines for municipality needs

  • bodies for metal cutting and print houses machines, etc.

  • parts for railway trains (gear boxes and transmissions, stainless or simple steel fittings)

  • welded constructions for waste water treatment plants

  • welded containers including for very simple needs

As usually above mentioned machines and equipment company produces concluding long lasting contracts.

Company has capacities to place orders for:

  • Sheet and shaped steel processing

    • Cutting

    • Bending

    • Punching

    • Rolling

  • Mechanical treatment

    • Turning

    • Milling

    • Drilling

    • Polishing

  • Welding

    • Manual welding

    • Half-automatic welding

    • Carbon arc welding

    • TIG welding

    • Spot welding

    • Automatic welding

  • Processing of welded constructions

    • Chemical processing of welded seem

    • Grinding, polishing welding seems

    • Polishing of surfaces

    • Chemical treatment of surfaces

    • Ball blasting of surfaces

    • Phosphatizing of surfaces

    • Powder and "vet" painting



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